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  • When I started I had built a real fear of driving, after failing two tests and leaving two other instructors. John Doe completely rebuilt my confidence and I can't thank him enough! I passed my test yesterday but the most important thing is that I now actually enjoy driving. John Doe was really patient and easy-going but also clear and direct. He made a real effort to have regular lessons with me, especially the month before my test, which helped enormously.

    David King

  • John Doe is an excellent driving instructor; friendly, professional and composed. I always enjoyed my lessons and was put at ease by John's confidence and teaching skills. John Doe helps you build on what you've learnt each lesson so that you make steady progress towards taking your test. John has superhuman knowledge of the driving regulations so you will learn more than just how to drive a car during lessons!

    Candice Patterson

  • I would highly recommend this Driving School to anyone thinking of learning to drive. John Doe is patient, friendly and fun to learn with. He helped me build my confidence from a very nervous beginner to a confident driver. I passed my theory test first time and practical test first time with four minor faults.

    Michael Clifford

  • I would like to say a big thank you to my instructor John Doe for helping me pass my driving test first time round. John always made lessons enjoyable and not only did he make me fully prepared for my test, he also made me fully prepared for driving by myself. I would definitely recommend John and this Driving School!

    Margaret Brown

  • I would thank to John so much for helping me to pass my driving test! He taught me not only to get through a test but also to become a safe, independent driver. I greatly enjoyed lessons with John and would recommend her teaching to anyone.

    William R. Salzman

  • After passing my driving test, I would like to say a big thank you to John for teaching me to drive with patience and humour. I feel so confident now and it is all down to his instruction. He made lessons a pleasure as we drove, talked and laughed our way around. I am a very happy lady.

    Gloria Pryor